Director: Douglas Baker
Musical Director: Shauna Oblad
Choreographer: Ashley Oblad

AUDITIONS: By appointment (Walk-ins will be seen as time permits)

ORPHAN ROLES (includes Oliver and The Artful Dodger):
Thursday, August 17 - 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Friday, August 18 - 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Note: Girls will be considered for orphan roles

Thursday, August 17 - 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Friday, August 18 - 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Note: for those actors/crew in "Man of La Mancha" only, additional audition appointments will be scheduled for Saturday, August 19 after the dance call.

Prepare 16-24 bars of music from "Oliver!" or similar Broadway show (please do not exceed 1½ minutes in length). A cappella auditions are highly discouraged. Please bring sheet music; a pianist will be provided. No recorded music please. A headshot and resume are requested.

ORPHAN ROLES - Saturday, August 19 - 9:00am - 10:00am
OTHER ROLES - Saturday, August 19 - 10:00am - 11:00am
Please wear proper clothing to move in (nothing too baggy please) as well as jazz/ballet shoes if you have them.

CALLBACKS: By Invitation Only
ORPHAN ROLES - Friday, August 25th – 6:30pm - 8:00pm
OTHER ROLES - Friday, August 25th – 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Note: for those actors/crew in "Man of La Mancha" and/or “Young Frankenstein”, additional invitation only callbacks will take place Saturday, August 26 from 10:00am to 11:30am.

Signature Productions Warehouse
3640 North Fifth Street Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89032
(Off East Cheyenne at the corner of Gowan and North 5th Street)

Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center
1771 Inner Circle Drive 89134
Theatre has 284 seats

October 24 - November 18, 2017
Shows run multiple days per week; dark every Sunday
Shows at 7:30pm with two Saturday matinees at 2pm on Nov 4th & Nov 18th
There will be 22 shows; a show calendar can be found on the home page of our website

Rehearsals will begin Wednesday, September 6th and will take place at the Signature Productions warehouse. Rehearsal days/times are determined based on overall cast availability; but are generally weekday evenings after 6pm and some Saturdays. There will not be rehearsals on Sundays.

We are a non-profit community theatre organization and all of our roles are uncompensated.

The streets of Victorian England come to life as Oliver, a malnourished orphan in a workhouse, becomes the neglected apprentice of an undertaker. Oliver escapes to London and finds acceptance amongst a group of petty thieves and pickpockets led by the elderly Fagin. When Oliver is captured for a theft that he did not commit, he is taken in by a kind and wealthy old gentleman. Fearing the safety of his hideout, Fagin employs the sinister Bill Sikes and the sympathetic Nancy to kidnap him back, threatening Oliver’s chances of discovering the true love of a family. Lionel Bart’s musical “Oliver!” is based upon the Charles Dickens novel “Oliver Twist” and was the winner of three Tony Awards including Best Original Score.

Email for a requested audition time. You will receive a reply within 24 hours of your request. Please include the following information in your email:

First and Last Name:
Requested Audition Date:
Requested Audition Time:
Role (if specific):
Cell phone number (for day of audition or callback updates):
If auditionee is under the age of 18, please include:
Parent Name:
Child's Age:


OLIVER TWIST – Male age 8-12 – Vocal Range: Soprano A3-F5
Oliver is an orphan born in a workhouse. Though treated with cruelty and surrounded by coarseness for most of his life, he is a pious, innocent child, and his charms draw the attention of several wealthy benefactors.

FAGIN– Male age 50-70 – Vocal Range: Baritone B2-F3
A conniving career criminal. Fagin takes in homeless children and trains them to pick pockets for him. He is also a buyer of other people’s stolen goods. He rarely commits crimes himself, preferring to employ others to commit them—and often suffer legal retribution—in his place.

THE ARTFUL DODGER– Male age 11-14 – Vocal Range: Soprano A3/Bb3-F5
The cleverest of Fagin’s pickpockets. Though no older than Oliver, the Dodger talks and dresses like a grown man.

BILL SIKES– Male age 30-45 – Vocal Range: Baritone C2/Db2-C3
A brutal professional burglar brought up in Fagin’s gang. Sikes is Nancy's lover, and he treats her with an odd combination of cruelty and grudging affection.

NANCY– Female age 20-25 – Vocal Range: Alto A3-E5
Sikes doxy and one of Fagin’s former child pickpockets. Her love for Sikes and her sense of moral decency come into conflict when Sikes abuses Oliver. Despite her criminal lifestyle, she is among the noblest characters.

BET– Female age 14-18 – Vocal Range: Alto G3/Ab3-E5
A lass in Fagin's establishment. She idolizes Nancy.

MR. BUMBLE– Male age 35-60 – Vocal Range: Tenor
A large and pompous beadle of the workhouse. Though Mr. Bumble preaches Christian morality, he behaves without compassion toward the paupers under his care.

MRS. CORNEY– Female age 40-55 – Vocal Range: Soprano B2-G5
The workhouse mistress. A sharp-tongued, domineering widow. Mrs. Corney is hypocritical, callous, and materialistic. After she marries Mr. Bumble, she hounds him mercilessly.

MR. BROWNLOW– Male age 55-70 – Non-Singing
An old gentleman of wealth and breeding.

MR. SOWERBERRY– Male age 45-60 – Vocal Range: Baritone C2-F3
The undertaker to whom Oliver is apprenticed. He makes a grotesque living arranging cut-rate burials for paupers.

MRS. SOWERBERRY– Female age 45-60 – Vocal Range: Soprano C3-F5
Mr. Sowerberry’s wife. She is a mean, judgmental woman who henpecks her husband.

CHARLOTTE– Female age 18-25 – Non-Singing
The Sowerberry's promiscuous young daughter.

NOAH CLAYPOLE– Male age 18-25 – Non-Singing
Mr. Sowerberry’s apprentice. He is an overgrown, cowardly bully who mistreats Oliver.

MR. GRIMWIG– Male age 30-50 – Non-Singing
Brownlow’s pessimistic, curmudgeonly friend. He is essentially good-hearted, and his pessimism is mostly just a provocative character quirk.

MRS. BEDWIN– Female age 45-60 - Non-Singing
The Brownlow's Housekeeper

OLD SALLY– Female age 50-70 - Non-Singing
An elderly pauper who serves as the nurse at Oliver’s birth. Old Sally steals Agnes’s gold locket, the only clue to Oliver’s identity.

CHARLEY BATES– Male age 10-18
One of Fagin’s pickpockets. Charley is ready to laugh at anything.

Workhouse orphans, workhouse assistants, bow street runners, street vendors and crowd, etc.
Girls will be considered for orphan roles.

All ethnicities are welcome and encouraged to audition.

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Book, Music and Lyrics by Lionel Bart

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